Levi's Presents: WE ARE ALL WORKERS.

Levi's presents a tribute to Braddock, PA. Directed by John Hillcoat.

Melodie McDaniel directed this piece inspired by the new pioneers of Braddock, PA.

By Aaron Rose, Levi's in partnership with IFC and Sundance Channel.

When the steel mills closed in Braddock, PA, they left behind a dwindling population living in near apocalyptic circumstances. Now, a new generation of urban pioneers has come with a mission- to create a new frontier from the ashes of the once vibrant town. A wonderful, important project... the quality of film, mood, sound/music, and portrait of a poor american town... reminds me of (the amazing) Gummo.Watch all the episodes here.

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mike said...

first vid is a bit of a steal from Terence Malick's The New World... from the voiceover to the Wagner piece. but it's nice