The Copenhagen Wheel.

The Copenhagen Wheel, designed by researchers at MIT's Senseable City Lab, is an electric powered wheel for your bike with real-time environmental sensing capabilities. The wheel harvests the energy you input while braking and cycling and stores it for when you need a boost. It uses a technology similar to the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). Sensors in the wheel collect information about air and noise pollution, congestion and road conditions. The wheel sends the data to an iphone app and then onto the web, creating a layered map of date from all the Copenhagen wheels in your city. Simply place your phone on the handlebars, and its Bluetooth module syncs with the Bluetooth module in the hub of the Wheel. You can then use your phone and our Copenhagen Wheel Application to unlock and lock your bike, change gears, select how much the motor assists you and for viewing relevant real-time information. The wheel has no external wiring or bulky battery packs, making it retrofittable into any bike. Inside the hub there is a motor, 3-speed internal hub gear, batteries, a torque sensor, GPRS and a sensor kit that monitors CO, NOx, noise (db), relative humidity and temperature.

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