My Review: Toronto International Art Fair 2010.

Alain Bonder. Acrylic and charcoal on canvas.

Laura Ortiz. Yarn/painting.

James Lahey. Oil on linen.

Guy Larame. Cut and sandblasted vintage Japanese dictionary.

Mateo Rivano. Installation.

Damien Hirst. Painted glass.

Glenn Priestley. Charcoal on paper.

Jan Fabre. Glass.

Jerome Ruby. Pen and colored pencil on paper.

Alex Queral. Carved phone book.

Peter Harris. Oil on Canvas.

Allyson Mitchell. Pencil on paper.

Wally Dion. Oil on cnavas.

Alex Colville. Acrylic painting.

Jamie Vasta. Glitter and stain on wood.

Laurent Craste. Porcelain and an axe.

Mike Bayne. Oil on Panel.

Craig Cully. Acrylic paintings.

Margaret O’Brien. Installation cups and saucers.

Alexandra Chowaniec. Oil on paper.

Drew Simpson. Oil on canvas.

Nick Musaelian. Oil on linen.

BMW Canada and African painter Esther Mahlangu’s 1991 Art Car. Through the Art Car program, Ms. Mahlangu transformed a 525i into a piece of African Ndebele art.

Toronto International Art Fair 2010 was awesome! lots of great galleries and artists present. While there weren't as many 'international' galleries as I'd expected, there was no shortage of variety. I was pleased by the quality of local/national work, the Canadian artists/galleries definitely stood out! The works I shot/included above were some of my personal highlights, but there was LOTS more goodness-could not include it all. For more info on the Fair check the catalogue here.

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