The Best Part Aka Jason Dean prints. Florida.

The Imprisoned Calendar.
As of the printing of this calendar, the Guantánamo Bay detention facility has housed 775 detainees (3 of which by the military) for a total of 3,190 days. The calendar includes 3,190 blind-debossed hash marks, allowing you to fill in each day as it passes to see firsthand what nearly nine years of time feels like.
Crane Lettra Cotton 110 lb. cover stock. Limited to 200 prints.

Fortune Posters.

The Woods 1.

The Woods 2.

These posters came from hand-rubbed relief prints from basic lumberyard 4 x 4's... then scanned and used to create film for screen printing. The wood was then burned, ground and added to the ink to literally impart wood into each print. The result is a poster that reflects the many ways we process trees. Each 18 x 24 piece is printed on French Pop-Tone Sweet Tooth 100lb paper, hand-embossed with logo, signed and numbered in a series of 200.
Printing by local Orlando printers Mama's Sauce.

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