I Like Killing Flies. A documentary on Shopsin's Restaurant NYC.

One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It's impossible not to love Kenny Shopsin, his family (who all work at the resto), and the regulars who keep the restaurant going. Kenny is fucking hilarious (as you can tell from the vids) and has a truly brilliant outlook on life. He's your classic eccentric, big mouthed, native New Yorker. The famous 'Soup Nazi' character in Seinfeld was based on Kenny Shopsin. As a self-trained cook, it's inspiring how Kenny managed to make such a major culinary, and cultural mark on NY, one of the food meccas of the world. If you have NETFLIX-watch this flick, if not, hunt it down. Also, check out the Shopsin's menu (redonkulous) and awesome website: shopsins.com

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