Jeff Bridges. Actor. Photographer. American.

Kevin Spacey-k-pax.

Penelope Cruz-Masked and Anonymous.

Bianca Jagger. The American Success Company.

Tommy Lee Jones-Blown Away.

Tom Waits and Tom Mcguane-Cold Feet.


Hair cut-American Heart.

Heaven's Gate.

Joan Allen-Tucker.

The Tuckerettes-Tucker.

Francis Ford Coppola photographed/massaged in Tucker.

Barbara Streisand-The Mirror has two faces.

Rosie Perez (my girl!)-Fearless.

Benicio Del Toro (my main man)-Fearless.

Gary Busey-Fearless.


Isabella Rossellini in Fearless.

Wild Bill.

Wild Bill.

Amanda Plummer and Robin Williams in The Fisher King.

Michelle Pfeiffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys.

Jeff and Beau Bridges-The Fabulous baker boys.

Between shots-The Fabulous Baker Boys.

You may know Jeff Bridges from movies such as “The Last Picture Show” (which he was nominated for an Academy Award for), “The Fabulous Baker Boys”, “The Fisher King”, “Fearless”, "The Big Lebowski”, "K-Pax" or “Crazy Heart” (which he finally won an Academy Award and Golden Globe for). But Jeff Bridges is also a talented musician and photographer. As a composer, singer and guitar player he's contributed songs to the soundtrack of his films. Jeff's interest in photography began in high school after seeing a Wide-Lux in action. The Wide-Lux frame is a lot like the 1:8:5 ratio of a typical movie and because of it’s panning lens, it kinda works as a bridge between still photography and moving pictures. In 1977 he received his first Wide-Lux (35mm version with a 28mm lens - pans 180 degrees) from his wife Susan, a professional photographer at the time. He began bringing his camera with him to movie sets, documenting the making of. In 2003, his book "Pictures" was published of his best BW photos. This past fall, he had a solo show of his work at the Bugdahn und Kaimer Gallery, Düsseldorf.