Shaniqwa Jarvis. Photographer. Londonewcastle Project Space.

Photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis (my girl!) will be exhibiting her series "This Charming Man" at the Londonewcastle Project Space from May 5th-20th. Between 2007-2010, Shaniqwa relocated from her hometown of NYC to LA and then London, documenting young men along the way and exposing the tensions between their personal and public personas. “That bit of tomboy in me, who gravitated towards a myriad of stylish and confident men in my life, naturally pointed me as a professional in a direction towards men who mirrored this image. As the images I photographed began to shape their own story, the more aware I became of the connection and innate desire to feed the voyeur in myself with “day in the life” reportage photography. ‘This Charming Man’ has enabled me to open up my subjects, my photography and myself. My hope is that it speaks to you, the viewer, as well.” – Shaniqwa Jarvis
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