Vegan Biscuit Bike Food Vendor. Portland.

Biscuit Bike is a bicycle food cart that serves vegan biscuits with gravy and Kombucha. Their biscuits-n-gravy are supplied by Black Sheep Bakery in Northeast Portland, and Kombucha is provided by Townshend's Tea Company. Biscuit Bike can be found at events, including bike races, marathons, street fairs, festivals, and private parties.
MENU: ($5-$7)
Biscuit Bike Biscuit - biscuit with soy sausage and mushroom gravy
Blue Biscuit - “bacon” biscuit with blue cheeze
Nacho Biscuit - jalapeno biscuit with Teese nacho cheese
Chocoliscuit - biscuit with chocolate sauce
Jammin’ Biscuit - biscuit with jam, agave nectar, Earth Balance
Brew Dr. Kombucha - 12-ounce cup
Big Wheel Meal - any biscuit with any gravy or sauce plus Kombucha

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