Ivan Kashinsky. Photographer. Ecuador.

Las Cholitas.
High up in the Bolivian Andes Cholitas take part in Lucha Libre, a style of wrestling that began in Mexico. The Cholitas that participate in this wild sport are of Aymara decent and go toe to toe in their traditional clothing. The crowd goes absolutely wild as they enter the ring in their large colorful dresses and dark bowler hats. The fighting takes place in El Alto, which rests above La Paz at over 4,000 meters. Juan Mamami heads the wrestling group called “Los Titanes del Ring”, which includes men as well as the Cholitas. Mamami introduced the Cholitas about 7 years ago. Ever since they have been a big hit drawing hundreds of Bolivians every Sunday as well as a handful of tourists. It is truly amazing that these indigenous women have risen above the machista views of the Bolivian people to be super stars in freezing cold city of El Alto.

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