Emilio Morenatti. Photojournalist. Spanish. Pakistan.

Emilio Morenatti's career in photojournalism began in 1992 when he joined the leading Spanish news company Agencia EFE. In 2003, he went to Afghanistan as a correspondent for The Associated Press. While covering the conflict in Gaza City in 2006, he was kidnapped by gunmen before being released a day later. If that wasn't enough, he lost his left foot after being injured by a bomb blast in Afghanistan. The last photo I included is of Emilio on a stretcher, being transfered to a Rehabilitation Hospital for a prosthetic foot. “It is a big challenge now, to do what I used to do every day as much as I can,” Emilio said, “But I am improving every day. I’m running more now than I was before I was wounded.” He continues to work in war zones, documenting the conflict in Gaza and Jerusalem, as well as covering Central Asia for AP. I'm pleased to say that he's just won B.O.P's Photojournalist of 2010 by NPPA-National Press Photographers Association (a contest designed by photojournalists for photojournalists).

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