George Bellows. Painter. Ohio/NYC. 1882 - 1925.

Both members of this club. oil on canvas. 1909.

Dempsey and Firpo. Oil on canvas. 1924.

Stag at Sharkey’s. Oil on canvas. 1909.

The Cliff Dwellers. oil on canvas. 1913.

Polo at Lakewood. oil on canvas. 1910.

Snow Capped Mountains. oil on canvas. 1920.

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Wase. oil on canvas. 1924.
George Bellows was an American painter who's known for his depictions of urban life in NYC... I love his work of boxers/boxing. "Before 1910, boxing was illegal in New York but nonetheless attracted huge crowds at private matches. People from all walks of life would attend these fights, just like the fighters themselves were of various racial and ethnic groups. Bellows showed a fierce battle between boxers along with the almost bloodthirsty eagerness of the spectators around them. Bellows was also merging classical methods with an excellent knowledge of human physiology to vividly capture the happenings of his own time."

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