Grace Kelly. Actress. Style Icon. American.

Grace Kelly was born in Philadelphia, and moved to NY after high school to become an actress. Grace worked as a model at first, and then made her debut on Broadway in 1949. At 22, she moved to California to work in film. She starred in her first flick, Fourteen Hours, and soon after made High Noon, a popular Western, followed by Mogambo, featuring epic Clark Gable and Ava Gardner. Director Alfred Hitchcock casted her in Dial M for Murder (1954) and worked with her again in To Catch a Thief, where she co-stared Cary Grant. That same year she made Rear Window and The Country Girl. High Society (1956) staring Frank Sinatra, was her last performance. She left the industry to have a family with Prince Rainier of Monaco, making her a princess. In 1982, Grace was tragically killed in a car accident at only 52 years old.
I love watching Grace Kelly on the big screen, she was a great performer and a real stylish beaut.

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