Essential Killing. By Jerzy Skolimowski. Starring Vincent Gallo.

Skolimowsi, actor, writer, painter, and now director, grew up in Nazi occupied Warsaw during the 2nd World War. His mother hid a Jewish family in their home and his father was later executed by the Gestapo. The film Essential Killing, follows the story of Mohammed, a Middle Eastern man who is captured by American troops and taken to a prison camp somewhere in Eastern Europe. But when his transport vehicle swerves off the road to avoid wild pigs and crashes, he escapes - and so begins his epic journey through an alien terrain relentlessly pursued by helicopters, men with guns, and bloodthirsty dogs. In order to survive he is forced to eat ants, tree bark and hallucinogenic berries (giving him visions of the wife and child he has left back home).
Looks like a beautiful/haunting film... of course I'm mostly stoked for Vincent Gallo's performance.

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