Mango Sticky Rice. Khao Neaw Ma-Muang.

Mango sticky rice is a Thai staple that can be found in any Thai-style restaurant or even on the street-served in a banana leaf if you're lucky. It's a genius dish, simple yet complex: the cool, fresh, sweet and tangy mango, with the comforting, carb-y, sticky rice... an elevated/Thai version of rice pudding-with mango taking it to the next level. I tried this Thai snack all over the country, but found THE BEST mango sticky rice at May Kaidee's Vegetarian in Bangkok (also one in Chiang Mai). They serve a beautiful red (aka black) rice, with fresh coconut meat strips, coconut milk, and a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds - making for a totally well balanced bite.


dd said...

bro! back the mango and sticky rice so hard... there was such a good one at the food stall on Tonsai!

DL said...

all about that lady on Tonsai! biggest portions too!