Inge Jacobsen embroidery. London.

Hand Stitched.

Sewing Porn.

"I’m particularly interested in exploring the different contexts in which photography can be used (...) With the over saturation of images, my practice seeks to intervene in this overwhelming consumption from the mass produced and alter it to create something unique. By using intricate and, at times, painstaking technique such as embroidery, I am disrupting the easy consumption of these images (...) Another theme and concept I’m exploring in my work is the ‘objectness’ of a photograph. By bringing the surface of the image to the attention of the viewer I want them to acknowledge the pieces as objects rather than just images. It seems appropriate to do so using fashion magazines as women are often objectified within them. I believe the same is also true of porn, and I try to explore this using sewing and embroidery which is largely seen as a feminine craft. The work has political connotations whilst allowing the viewer to decide whether the work is a critique of the fashion or porn or something more celebratory. I would also hope that the viewer might see an element of humour in the work."

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